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Northside Hospital’s Colorectal Cancer Transportation Assistance Program


Lack of transportation can be a major barrier to receiving cancer screening or treatment. Many people forego much needed medical care because they...



With seven convenient locations in the metropolitan Atlanta area, ACC is uniquely suited to deal with all your cancer-related needs. We invite you to find out more about our comprehensive medical services, including not only our expert oncology and hematology services, but also the services we can provide to support our patients and their caregivers, as well as help with setting proper expectations of treatment.

Medical Oncology

Click here to visit our Medical Oncology page
Visit our Medical Oncology page to learn about what, specifically, medical oncology is, and how we will employ it to meet your individual needs as a patient.


Click here to visit our Hematology page
Through our Hematology page, you can learn more about the field of hematology, as well as get some preliminary information about blood disorders and cancers of the blood.

Supportive Care

Click here to visit our Supportive Care page
Atlanta Cancer Care is dedicated to helping our patients and their families, which is why we offer information and support for the whole patient. Our Supportive Care page is packed with great information for caregivers, as well as resources and links for support groups, counseling, cancer-related services, medical equipment, nutrition and much more.

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